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PlayMaetion is an Android app designed to help Scottish Country Dance teachers organize and play pre-recorded music.

It comes with it's own database of SCD over 3000 dances catalogued according to:

  • dance name

  • dance type [Jig, Reel, Strathspey, ...]

  • bar count and repetition

  • CD and track of preferred music

It cross references with your iTunes library to find out what music you have available.  This provides the basic 'All Dances' table.

The latest version of the online documentation is here

All Dance Table
It includes a filtering tool to help you find a dance entry of interest. In this case I have specified the Dance must contain the word "Rant", Type must be a Jig, and that the music must go 8 times through.
It also has a built in player with special dancing features:
It also works in portrait mode to see more rows at once: